Behold Darkness: a book recommendation

I’m totally biased, but genuine, in recommending LC Champlin’s novel Behold Darkness, which last year I had the pleasure and challenge of editing. She is a fantastically energetic writer with wit and intensity to burn. (Since working with her, she’s already finished the second and third books in this Wolves of the Apocalypse series!). If you are intrigued by cannibals, terrorists, cannibal terrorists, and extreme action, then click here for the book’s Amazon page and buy the darn thing on Kindle for $1.02.


One response to “Behold Darkness: a book recommendation

  1. Thanks much for the rec! It totally was a challenge, I know. Sorry ’bout that. But I’ve tried to learn from you, Sensei.
    Book 2, Ways of Darkness, is out. #3 Day of Darkness will be out April 15, #4 Out of Darkness on July 15.
    And I changed the series from Wolves to Unclean Evolution. 🙂

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