Trails Out Of Gloom

Climb the psychedelic heights of Queen of the Mountain. Traverse the seven-minute epic, The World is Young. In this album, Fen maps out a rejuvenated landscape, risen from the hardened brambles of their past. Like the title suggests, Trails out of Gloom zigzags and winds towards the light–distorted riffs give way to piano, strings and classical guitar. Three years in the making, this album was crafted with all the meticulousness of its predecessors. Trails out of Gloom stands Fen at the edge of a shimmering new vision.

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One response to “Trails Out Of Gloom

  1. Hi Guys, and especially Doug
    Trails out of the Gloom just landed in my mailbox and having heard only half of the album I can say that I enjoy it a lot! You did a great job combining Dougs suffering, yet intense, voice with well designed and emotional harmonies.
    Great job!

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